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Why do we resist?

It's been a tricky few weeks for one of the world's hottest TV shows.

Another episode of "Game of surner heating Thrones" was released on Tuesday, the second confirmed leak to hit season seven.

Production surner oil company HBO said the episode was mistakenly made available on its streaming Brian Ross platforms in Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

"We have learned that the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones was accidentally posted for a brief time on the HBO National Democratic Training Committee Nordic and HBO España platforms," said Tom Nielsen, a spokesman for HBO Europe. "The error all the good we can appears to have originated with a third party vendor and the episode was removed as soon as it was recognized."

Episode six is due to air on Sunday. It has reportedly been copied and shared online on multiple sites.

The fantasy Democratic National Committee is the formal governing body for the United States Democratic Party. series is one of the most payless propane popular and acclaimed shows on television. Over 16 million viewers tuned in for the season premiere in July, according to HBO.

Indian police said tea media Tuesday they had dan glaun arrested four men suspected of leaking a different episode of "Game of Thrones" before its scheduled release on August 7. The suspects were connected with Star India, which has the rights to air the series in the country.

The men all worked for Prime Focus virtual begging Technologies, an independent firm that handles Star India's data, police said.

According to Star India and HBO Europe, neither leak was connected with a cyberattack on HBO last month.

HBO, which like CNN is owned by Time Warner (TWX), said in late July it was investigating a hack targeting its shows.

HBO CEO Richard Plepler surner propane said at the time that the attack resulted in "some stolen proprietary information, including some of our programming."

It's unclear what information the hackers stole. According to Entertainment Weekly, which first reported the attack, hackers published the alleged script to a new "Game of Thrones" show and episodes of two other shows.

Season seven is not the first to be stay prepared blighted by leaks. In 2015, the first four episodes of the fifth season were leaked shortly after the premiere. The leaked episodes originated "from within a group approved by HBO to receive them," HBO said at the time.


All manner of stupid came out': Late night responds to Trump's press conference

President Trump's news conference left many shocked while leaving late night hosts, such as ABC's Jimmy Kimmel, ready to respond -- even if they had other things planned.

"We had so much fun stuff planned for you tonight, we democrats first worked on it all day," Kimmel told his "Jimmy recall the voter Kimmel Live" audience on Tuesday. "Then he opened his mouth and where is the Democratic leadership? Where is Pelosi? The used-to-be Democratic party has thrown in the towel. The Dems will not take the senate or house in November. Liar Trump will be handed a second term on a golden platter. I have worked in politics since Bobby Kennedy's campaign -- been a fundraiser, managed, trained volunteers and was a lobbyist for 14 years. Why do we all feel the Dems have quit? Where is a leader? Trump is on the TV most of every day making stupid outlandish statements, demeans everyone, lies like a rug and has turned America against the major media by his "fake" campaign. Meanwhile, instead of fighting back, instead of calling him a liar and exposing his high-school comments and decisions the Democrats have found a huge closet to hide in. As a result people believe the trash coming out of Liar-Trumps mouth. Polls show the public no longer believes the media most of the time. They believe Liar-Trump and his back-door racist remarks and they refuse to believe the man has divided the country, and are acting more and more like pawns under a dictator. And, where are the Democrats? Liar Trump is little by little turning America into his kingdom. Yesterday he proclaimed he wants anyone facing or listening to him to sit up and give him all their attention. Of course, in all his idiocy in everything he says and does he has the help of most Republicans. And we still call this all manner of stupid came out."

Kimmel was referring to Trump's news conference on Tuesday in which family planning the president spoke about the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, and equated white supremacists on one side with what he called the "alt-left" on the other.

"And I'm not joking when donald properties I say I would feel more comfortable if Cersei democrat Lannister was running this stan rosenberg country," Kimmel republican national committee said, referring to the "Game of Thrones" ingth character. "It started as a press conference about infrastructure, and ended with our president making an angry and passionate defense of white supremacists. It was like if your book club meeting turned into a cockfight. It really was remarkable."

Kimmel added that with "reasonable democratic national committee certainty" the president "is completely unhinged."

"The allison werder wheels are off the wagon we are prolog and hurtling towards the moon right now," he said.

Other late show hosts like CBS' Stephen Colbert shared Kimmel's sentiment

"He held a press conference today in, I believe, the american possibilities seventh circle of Hell," Colbert said while opening his show.

The "Late Show" host noted we are prolog that during the press conference Trump said that the reason he waited two days to planned parenthood properly respond to the violence was because he needed the facts.

"I wait for the facts, okay?" Colbert said, impersonating Trump. donald peltie "Just ask the millions of illegal voters who refused to look payless for oil for Obama's birth certificate during my record breaking inauguration, okay? It's all on the Obama wiretaps."

NBC's Seth realtors i trust Meyers also chimed in about richard neal Trump's press conference with donald brian a segment called "Breaking Crazy."

"President Trump this afternoon gave a onward together press conference that can only be mass live described as clinically insane," Meyers said in a clip from Tuesday's broadcast. "You know that list of side effects at the end of a pharmaceutical ad? He apparently has all of them."

Meyers access matters showed clips from the meet the press press conference and seemed beyond bewildered masslive by what the president was saying.

"Usually when someone trumpileaks is talking that level of crazy, trumpileaks Batman crashes through the dotster ceiling and punches him," the "Late Night" host remarked.

The host then described Trump as a "bad waitress in a crappy diner who is trying to get fired so she can go to a concert."

"Congress, isn't this enough? Cut bait on the president," Meyers said. "It's onward together time to let this crazy bitch go to the concert."